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Razones por las que la modificación plástica requiere agregar sulfato de Barium precipitado
3 de febrero de 2023|Número de vistas: 428

precipitated barium sulfate

Rendimiento único y excelenteSulfato de Barium precipitadoSe ha utilizado ampliamente y se ha convertido en uno de los nuevos materiales funcionales modificados de los productos plásticos.Sulfato de Barium precipitado has the characteristics of improving chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and appearance of plastic products. So, besides these characteristics, what specific role does barium sulfate precipitate play in the plastic modification?

(1) Improve the rigidity.

Generally, the rigidity of normal plastics is poor,such as pure PP flexural modulus of about 1000MPa, far from satisfying the needs of some parts. After adding 30% of ours, its flexural modulus can reach to 2000MPa and above, so it can be seen that barium precipitated sulfate plays a significant role in increasing rigidity.

(2) Improve the hardness

The plastics’ hardness is so low that appearance is easy to scratch, this would affect the appearance and decorative role. Hardness of precipitated barium sulfate is higher than that of pure PP’s, and after adding precipitated barium sulfate, plastics’appearance hardness can be greatly improved.

(3) Improve the scale stability

Some plastics crystallization time is short, resulting in the product shrinkage rate is larger, more easily deformed from the mold, the structure is unstable; By adding precipitated barium sulfate, the shrinkage rate of plastics can be greatly reduced and the structural stability of plastic products and parts can be improved.

(4) Improve the molding processability of plastics

Precipitated barium sulfate can improve the processability of plastics, such as glass beads, etc., which can improve the fluidity of resin and its processability.

(5) Improve the strength of plastics

The tensile strength of general-purpose plastic itself is not high. Adding precipitated barium sulfate within appropriate filling amount can improve plastic's tensile strength,flexural strength and effectively improve the engineering applicability.

(6) Improve the added value of plastics

Precipitated barium sulfate can give plastics more functions. Take PP for example, anti-static function, printing function, heat preservation function, thermal conductivity etc can be added.

The unique and excellent performance of precipitated barium sulfate makes it application-wide. It has made more remarkable achievements that becomes one of the important functional materials indispensable in plastic industry. China is rich in barium sulfate resources and needs to accelerate product upgrading, improves the grade to promote its healthy development in the plastic industry effectively.