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Zinc Sulfide Ambition S Series

Product Description:

Zinc Sulfide Ambition S-10 is a high-end product produced by Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd. with absolutely new technology.It is a white pigment with organic modification and blue undertone. With refractive index 2.37, high thermal conductivity, low Mohs hardness, S-10 is widely used in different types of coating, ink, plastics, rubber, paper, etc.


High whiteness:S-10 is a blue-phase white pigment, with brightening effect, can improve the efficiency of phosphors.

Thermal conductivity: S-10 has good thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity of 27W/(m·k), higher than that of alumina.

Low UVA absorption rate: It has a low UVA absorption rate and can be used in UV-curable white paints to improve efficiency.

Liquidity:S-10’s particle size distribution is narrow, the particles are nearly spherical. Even in a high solid content system, it has relatively good liquidity.

Long-acting sterilization: S-10 can be used in architectural paint to prevent moss from being produced on the exterior wall.Compared with other fungicides, it is non-toxic and harmless.

High purity:Zinc sulfide products have high purity, do not contain other harmful trace elements, ensure the stability of products.

The effect of flame resistance and smoke suppression: S-10 can replace part or all of Diantimony trioxide(Sb2O3), which has theeffect of flame resistance and smoke suppression in flame retardant plastics.

Anti-aging: Unlike with TiO2’s photocatalytic effect,, S-10 can anchor metal ions with catalytic effect to prevent them from entering the polymer lattice (anti-aging), and then improve weather resistance of plastics and coatings.

Yellowing resistance: Unlike with TiO2, S-10 will not produce colored compound by reacting with phenolic anti-aging agent, so it inhibits the catalytic oxidation of polymer. Also its thermal stability is excellent that very stable when used below 350℃.

Low Mohs hardness: Zinc Sulfide has only a grade 3 Mohs hardness and contains no other impurities, making it ideal as a white pigment for all fiberglass reinforced plastics. It has the advantages of ensuring and improving the bending and impact strength of

the finished product, unlike TiO2(which has a Mohs hardness of 6.0-6.5), which destroys reinforced glass fibers. An inorganic lubricant that can be used to rub materials while avoiding the brittleness of elastomer plastics.


S-10 is mainly used in different types of plastic, rubber, coatings, ink, paper, etc. 

Analysis and Physical Properties of S-10 Technical Parameters:







Whiteness (L*)



Average size (D50)



Relative scattering power 

(Reference pigment: Standard TiO2 -10D : PVC-17%)



Sieve residue of 325 mesh






Mohs hardness



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